Tony is one of Zak's bosses. He is seen most of the time inside of the machine and eating. He is greedy, lazy, dumb, and shares his co-worker's careless attitude to how much of Ferngully is deforested. He works with his co-worker / friend, Ralph.

It is unknown what happened to him after the film.

He is voiced by Geoffrey Blake.


Ferngully: The Last Rainforest


Tony has a lazy yet hard working personality. He likes to sit in the Leveler and eat whatever food is in front of him. He sometimes doesn't tolerate Ralph's jokes about his eating habits and asks Ralph "how many times a day" he has to threaten to mug him.

Ferngully: The Last RainforestEdit

Ralph is the other operator of the Leveler and supervisor of Zak. He enjoys eating and his job. When they come upon the tree holding Hexxus and the leveler attempts to cut it down. It shakes violently, which catches him by surprise. To improve things, Tony activates the throttle that possibly speeds up the saw blades. Later, as Hexxus take an interest with the Leveler, Tony and Ralph are called in by radio unaware that the source is Hexxus acting as their boss to go to Ferngully with no break time and double shifts. Tony takes advantage of this and heads for Ferngully. The next day, as they arrive in Ferngully and attempt to cut down the Fairies' tree, Zak convinces Batty to fly to the cab of the machine and get his bosses' attention. He only lands on the window. When Ralph and Tony try to get a closer look, they are then scared out of the Leveler by Hexxus. At the end of the movie, they decide to quit and start new jobs.