Ferngully - If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody01:22

Ferngully - If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody

If I'm Gonna Eat Somebody (It Might As Well Be You) is a song sang by Goanna when he was trying to eat Zak. It is performed by Tone Lōc.



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I've a basic inclination

A very primal need

To inspect the vegetation

For an egg or centipede

I just can't control this hunger

I just can't seem to cut back

On my ravenous consumption

You're a welcome little snack

If I'm gonna eat somebody

It might as well be you

I could see you as a sandwich

Or a strange, exotic stew


Floating down the river

Like a morsel in a steeeew

He's gonna eat somebody


It might as well be you You know it

Kick it one time

Welcome to the food chain

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