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VW Hexxus by DarkAngelX

Hexxus is the main villain in the first film, Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, and is the spirit of pollution and destruction. He feeds off of pollution such as smoke, slime and sludge. Hexxus' demeanor have made him a cult favorite among movie fans and has earned him a wide variety of fans from all over. He is voiced by Tim Curry.


Hexxus had a part in taking out FernGully, back when human and faries coincided together. He was imprisoned in a tree by Magi, and has been there for hundreds of years, until three lumberjacks with a machine called The Leveler came to FernGully on top of Mount Warning and freed him.

Ferngully: The Last RainforestEdit

Hexxus was set free from the top of Mount Warning by Zak, who had spray-painted a large red X on his tree after trying to spray a bug. When The Leveler cut open his tree, he was released, free to wreck havoc on the rainforest. He first appears as grimy sludge, but later turns into smoke during the song Toxic Love. He usually has main control of The Leveler because of his spiritual attributed to everything associated with human pollution.

When he came to FernGully to wipe out the rainforest, everyone but Crysta hid, fearing the worst. Crysta tried to delay him, but he just kept coming because The Leveler was still working. With help from Batty Koda and Pips, Zak managed to turn off The Leveler, cutting off Hexxus's source of power which gave Crysta time to recover and think of a plan. Hexxus came back a second time, this time he was a mixture of sludge, smoke, and fire, hell bent on taking FernGully. Crysta managed to seal him inside another tree, and here he would remain for many years.


  • Hexxus had quite a bit of back story, but 90% of his screen time was cut.


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