Batty Koda
Batty Koda

       Belly, Hair, Nose and Lips
       Outside Wing
       Inside Wing, Feet and Outside Ear        Inside Ears
       Inner Ears
       Eyes (Iris)
       Eyes (Sclera)        No Magic Trail








Crysta, Zak, Pips


Hexxus, most humans

Batty Koda is the deuteragonist of the duology. He is a fruitbat that was used as a scientific experiment and according to him, he was abused, which is most likely the cause of his insanity.

He was voiced by Robin Williams in the first film and by Matt K. Miller in the sequel.


He seems to be a bit unhinged, showing extreme distrust in humans. He was used in animal testing, although it isn't specified why, it is hinted that it was for both cosmetic and more medical reasons, like in the extended version of his rap. The electrode in his head and possible wires under his skin support the latter however.

When the wires from his electrode are struck, he seems to hallucinate, possibly picking up on radio or TV signals, as he quotes various TV shows and movies.  The electrode obviously goes directly into his brain and mysteriously vanishes in the second film.

He is caring towards his friends and the inhabitants of Ferngully, but extremely distrusting to humans, however, once they gain his trust he cares about them too.

FernGully: The Last RainforestEdit


FernGully 2: The Magical RescueEdit

He helps Pips and his friends find the stolen baby animals who were snatched by poachers. WIP!



Batty Koda

When he crash lands in Ferngully, he quickly develops a friendship with Crysta and tries to protect her from Zak. Batty refers to Crysta as a "strange little bug" and tries to keep her safe from the human world.


At first he's skeptical by Zak because of his abuse by humans and has trouble trusting because Zak is human, he even wanted Goanna to eat Zak, however he eventually came to trust him when he saves the rainforest. Zak is one of the rare humans Batty learns to like and trust.


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